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Alpha 3.9 dispo

Message par Baphomet le Mer 13 Jan - 16:20

Pas de nouveautés "ingame", que des corrections et optimisations pour le moment.

Alpha 3.9 Changelog

•Improved client performance related to optimizations in the anim system
•Fixed kit allocations not working in many situations
•Updated Militia player models with new components, distinguishing them further from other factions
•Performance improvements to the Militia player models
•Leaving a squad now replaces your kit
•Improved Steam authentication for better stability
•Allows for joining on Steam friends
•Allows for joining servers via web browser sites
•Increased server connection timeout, decreasing the amount of unintentional disconnects
•Increased server browser timeout
•Increased timeout for joining a map to allow people with low spec pc’s to load the game, without being kicked unintentionally by the server for timeout
•Added SteamID to showplayerids
•Fixed banning by ID issues
•Improved performance of explosion effects
•Added the ability to reset keybindings
•Separated out the default button in each section of the settings menu, pressing default now only resets the current menu’s settings.
•Players can now cancel joining the firing range in menu
• Fixed incorrect access level for banning
• Fixed a few server crashes

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