Patch Note 23/04/2015

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Patch Note 23/04/2015

Message par Bonkh le Jeu 23 Avr - 17:58

Patch note du 23/04/2015

Mise à jour déplacée à demain car Bonkh ne peux pas jouer avant 19h Ouest Europe time!
Toute nos excuses, mais certaines priorités ne peuvent déroger à la rêgles. En francais pour résumer...

Demain Vendredi ou jeudi, soir, mais alors après Skype ! C'est Battle Royale version Hard core qui sort avec vue Forcée à la première personne.
On pourra rejoindre les AMIS steam dirrectement en partie, pour etre sur le même serveur que eux sur les serveurs hors BR
Ajout des Grenades HE à la CS
Inspection de l'historique des inventaires des autres joueurs (ca pue ca)
Le Virus une fois contracté vous transformera doucement mais surement en zombi s'il n'est pas traité (Vision de nuit, track des joueurs etc...) en BR je pense qu'on peux oublier ça.
Ajout d'effets à l'écran, genre les night vision googles marcheront, tu bois trop t'es bourré etc...

"Steam friends – Adding the functionality to be able to join the server that your friend is playing on through your steam friend list
Screen effects – Bringing screen effects online so we can implement things like night vision goggles, effects after drinking alcohol or taking swizzle and more
Grenades - Joining the Molotov in the list of fun things to throw that go boom, is the HE (High Explosive) Grenade
Inspect Restrained - Once a player is securely restrained, you will now have access to his inventory. This is a first pass so it will only show what is in his inventory and not what's on his body
H1Z1 virus – Adding the H1Z1 virus to the body sim, once a player has the H1Z1 virus and if not maintained, they will slowly begin to turn into a zombie, gaining zombie senses as they go. These zombie senses include things like night vision and player tracking
Anti-cheat – Continuing our efforts to provide a better anti-cheat service and stop more cheaters
Bug fixing – Continuously fixing bugs, both existing and anything new that pops up
Release: April 2015"

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Re: Patch Note 23/04/2015

Message par Bonkh le Ven 24 Avr - 13:02

Release Note:

-Night vision goggles now available
-Added HE Grenades to the game.
-Known Issue: Grenades will not collide with players or zombies yet, nor will they break through windows.
-Explosive barrels are more reactive now to bullets and there no longer a delay from their initial explosion to killing nearby survivors/NPCs.
-Molotov Cocktail is now much more responsive and less prone to crashing clients when burning hordes of zombies alive… dead.
Resolved various animation and timing issues with the Molotov cocktail.
Resolved Molotov cocktail may not trigger 100% of the time when NPC’s / players enter the ring of fire.
-Inspect restrained inventory:
When you handcuff a player you can now go through their inventory and take things, their stuff shows up in the proximity pane.
NOTE: Equipped items are not in the list yet, but will be in a future update.

Steam Friends:
Blue means they are online
Green means they are in H1Z1

Right click for context menu:
Message – open steam overlay and send a message to this person
Profile - open steam overlay and view this persons steam profile

And if they are on a server but not BR:
Join Server – log into server that this person is currently on.

Moved character create from server select screen to it's own screen. This is where character customizations such as male/female, face types, hair, etc.
checkbox added to server select screen to share your server with your steam friends

H1Z1 Virus - First Pass

You will now be able to contract the H1Z1 virus from zombies. Survivors have a natural immunity against the virus, but this immunity is weakened the more it is exposed to zombie attacks. Currently only zombie attacks reduce this immunity but other means can be introduced in the future based on feedback from the community. Survivors can bypass this immunity and give themselves H1Z1 via extracted infected blood. NOTE: Current implementation of the extracted infected blood syringe allows you to use it on yourself only! You cannot use it on other players. This will change in the near future.

There are multiple stages to the H1Z1 virus once you have contracted it. The virus may not be as noticeable at first but as you advance to higher stages you will begin to feel its affects.

Once you have the virus, you have it for life. Only death or respawning will remove it. Each stage slowly progresses on its own but there are other means to push the virus forward or backwards depending on your actions or items you use.

Stage Progression
Minor Stage
o Slight damage over time

Advanced Stage
o Minor damage over time
o Survivor will occasionally cough. This can be heard by other survivors and may attract nearby wildlife or zombies.
o (Non-PvE only)Zombies will no longer target you. However, attacking a zombie will cause it to attack back.

Severe Stage
o Moderate damage over time
o No longer coughing
o (Non-PvE only)Zombies no longer target you
o Max movement speed slightly reduced
o Normal food no longer satiates you and normal water/drinks no longer hydrate you. Eating/Drinking them does nothing for you but upset your stomach, causing you to cramp up. Continued eating will cause you to vomit. You must feed from dead players, wildlife or zombies to restore Energy and Hydration.
o Fresher corpses restore more to each resource and restore a little bit of health. Depending on what is you feed on determines the amount you restore. Bears offer the most while rabbits offer the least. Feeding on zombies will slightly progress your H1Z1 virus.
o You will be able to feed off corpses a maximum of 2 times.
o Survivor Tracking: Survivors at this stage of the virus may notice a gaseous effect in the world. This effect means that a survivor was in that spot recently. You can use these markers in attempt to track down other survivors. Survivors at this stage do not leave a marker themselves. Survivors also do not leave a marker if they are inside a vehicle.

Deadly Stage
o Severe damage over time
o Zombie Vision - First Pass - Currently we have simple color grading in as the first pass. You might see some of this effect happening as soon as the Advanced stage but it will become more apparent at this stage. We will continue to add more features and improve this vision in future patches.
o (Non-PvE only)Zombies no longer target you
o Max movement speed slightly reduced
o Normal food no longer satiates you and normal water/drinks no longer hydrate you.
o Survivor Tracking

Other related notes:
All-in-One Cold medicine slightly reduces your H1Z1 virus. Antibiotics reduces it a little more. Hyperpheron greatly reduces the virus
Immunity Boosters and Multi-Vitamins boost H1Z1 immunity to help prevent you from contracting the virus. This is bypassed completely if you use extracted infected blood on yourself.
Guts will appear at dead survivors around the abdomen of the body after it has stopped its rag doll.
Survivors with severe stages of H1Z1 will have the option to feed on the corpses of wildlife, zombies and the newly spawned guts from dead survivors.

Known Issues:

There is supposed to be a progression bar on your vitals. Once you have H1Z1, this won't appear unless you log out and come back in.

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